Don't Miss Those Moments! How Grandma Saved Graduation.

When I started this business a couple of years ago, I thought I wanted to dabble in photography and be creative. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be here at this moment. I wanted to have a purpose, and the moment wasn't defined until today!


Cliff Notes

She wanted to make sure she took good notes for later.

I had a grandma call me out of the blue, she just flew in from Vermont to document her granddaughter's graduation. She had bought a fancy camera but was utterly lost and wondered if I could help her. She explained that her whole goal this weekend is to document her granddaughter's last week of her senior year of Astoria High School, those special once in a lifetime moments. I invited her to my studio, and upon arrival, I could see that we were going to get along really well.

She is the grandma that everyone wishes they had. She spent time explaining her vision for photographing her granddaughters senior week. I spent 90 minutes showing her how to use the essential functions on her DSLR camera. She had always been the family photographer at weddings and other events when she had a film camera. We roll played different scenarios that she might find at graduation, to be honest graduations are tough. We practiced with the tripod and photographing the processional, speeches (her granddaughter is class president), and diploma presentation.

Towards the end of the appointment, you could see the light she was ready to capture her granddaughter's graduation. In the end, payment was taken, and I throughout an amount I thought was reasonable. After she left, I found the check, and she had given me way more than expected, in the memo it said "gift." She saw the value in my in the work I do, skills in being a professional photographer and that solidified my purpose that I have now become an educator, a mentor.

Whether you live in the community of Warrenton and I have taken your photos or just passing through town. I want to be a service to you. I want to serve you and document those important events in your life!