Keeping it Real! Modern Family Portraits



I love kids! Each one of them has a personality that is all their own. I enjoy letting them bring it out during a family photo session. Don't worry moms! I know a lot of you put off family photos because you are afraid your kids will act out. I'm here to tell you that it's OK! Let me show them that it's alright to bring your favorite toy or iPod to a photo session. After we take the together family photos then each child will get to show off their personality. I just click away!

So if that's why you have waited so long to get the whole family together, wait no further. I love to photograph outdoors on the Oregon Coast or at one of our beautiful parks such as Fort Stevens State Park. I also have an indoor studio that is located in the Liberty Theatre building downtown Astoria, Oregon.

Family photo sessions don't have to be high stress. I'm here to help you every step of the way to picking out the right color palette to choosing the perfect setting. If you are traveling to the Oregon Coast for a vacation with your family I have lived here all my life and can help you select the perfect spot for your photos. 

Let's keep it real! 

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Women's Portraiture - Jennifer

I felt beautiful, pleasantly surprised.
— Jennifer

Jennifer was apprehensive about being photographed.  Now looking at beautiful photos of herself, she laughs as she remembers how awkward she felt posing. After the session, Jennifer says Kathleen prepared her well with the styling, beauty and posing tips shared in her consultation. Hair and makeup went smoothly and she was made to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Seeing her photographs for the first time on the reveal wall, Jennifer cried. She says, "[I] felt beautiful, pleasantly surprised." 

Jennifer is a mother of four and grandmother of eight. The creative process and making her home joyful simply delights her. Currently, Jennifer is venturing beyond her comfort level and on a journey of rediscovering who she is as a person. Being photographed helped her learn what she can overcome in her life.

The reveal wall is where you will see your photographs for the very first time. In a private room you have up to twenty, matted 7x10 images for you to take down off the wall and hold.  

Why I Chose To Add Personalized Editing for Wedding Photographers

I love photography and I have spent a lot of hours learning every aspect I can. I enjoy photographing clients and providing them with portraits that they love and that will hang on their wall for a lifetime. But, because my schedule is the way it is taking care of my family I needed something that I could do well and still do all the other things that I needed to do as a mother.

That's when I learned about this really awesome thing called "private editing." I have had others edit for me when everything was so busy and I just couldn't get it all done by myself. After researching, investing in more education to learn more being a personal editor and honing my editing skills I decided that this is what I definitely would love to do.

I know wedding photographers are busy.  Shooting almost every weekend then they have to backup images, cull, edit photos for a blog post, blog, share via social media, edit entire wedding portfolio, album design, scheduling and viewing and the list goes on........

Where is the family life? Social life? Relaxing pool side? 

I'm here to help!  Invest in me and I can give you back hours of your time to do other things that you love to do. I have years of business experience I also own a floral design business Erika's Fresh Flowers  so I know when you pour your heart and soul into something you want a return on your investment.   I am here to talk anytime you want.

Stay Awesome!