I believe every woman should have an amazing portrait, and it's my promise to you to create the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself.  

Customize Your Luxury Portrait Session  

Session includes hair styling and makeup, portrait session, in-person consultation, all the information you will need to prepare for your portrait session, including style advice, beauty tips and planning tools.

It's Not So Scary Let Me Explain

It's not as scary as it may seem. We meet on the phone, Skype or in person so we can go over all the details prior to the photo session. I know your busy and I will try to schedule it so it is convenient for both of us, it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. You will receive a "Beauty Guide," that has your preparation timeline. Now I know your wondering what all that entails simply put it is tips and small to-do's that you probably would not have thought of doing prior to a photo-shoot. You can provide me with a Pinterest board I would love to see your ideas!

Day of photo-shoot: Our salon is intimate and quiet we listen to you. We style your hair and makeup to make you look and feel gorgeous. If you really want to glam it up we can do that to that way you can plan a night out on the town.

Hair and make up take about one and half hours and then off to the studio for your photo session.  You will bring 5-6 outfits that you picked out using our "Style Guide," and any jewelry you think will compliment them. Two weeks or so prior to your session we sent you a "Guide to Look Gorgeous in Photos," to start practicing posing but don't worry we will go over basic posing again so you feel comfortable before we begin. Photo sessions can take 1 to 2 hours depending on clothes and hair changes.  

After your session we schedule a time two to three weeks later for you to come in and see your beautiful, professionally edited photos. You are under no "high sales pressure" to buy.  You buy only what you love and it's my hope you love them all.  I photograph as my way of being creative and making people feel good about themselves.  

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